“Stupid High”: Reminiscing with Denver’s Jay Rydel - Summer Pop Music and Video

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***For release week of June 22 (single) and/or week of July 6 (video)

– Single release: June 26

– Official video release: July 10



“Stupid High” Official Video:


The official music video features fun party scenes, rooftops in Colombia and Denver, and sensual bedroom scenes along with a romantic summer pop song. It was filmed in 2019, which feels like a much earlier time and reminds us of fun times with friends – what living meant and still means. 


Jay Rydel had many visions for the video, but the first opportunity to shoot came from wanting to visit a friend living in Medellin, Colombia. Jay stopped through Colombia in May of 2019 and shot three scenes of the video with Andre Higuita Caro. Medellin held an interesting foreign and alluring landscape that fit the song’s hip hop and soca rhythm production style, as well as the song’s subject of discovering love for someone who is a plane flight away. 


Returning to Denver, Jay linked up with videographers Austin Douglas and Tomas Morgan to complete the rest of his vision – a rooftop party scene. The scene creates a contrast to the typical love story, illuminating a chaotic and addictive lifestyle of partying alongside the song’s depiction of an emotionally confusing love interest.


Jay Rydel and his team were able to shoot the party scene on a rooftop overlooking Capitol Hill in Denver with about fifty friends including the crew running the shoot. True to form, the shoot was shut down after noise complaints by residents. Finally, the party scene could not have happened if it were not for the help of many friends and the crew – a bartender, budtender, doorman, chef, DJ, champaign girls, and many more who showed up to support. 


London Lucille co starred in the video, playing the lover who Jay’s character is obsessed with. In the video he remembers all of the good times they had, and once back in the party lifestyle he cannot seem to be distracted by anything but the hallucination of her. The official “Stupid High” video manifests the fantasy world of insatiable love addiction. 


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"Stupid High": Romantic Summer Jam from Denver's Jay Rydel

Single Cover Artwork

***For release week of June 22 (single) and/or week of July 6 (video)

– Single release: June 26

– Official video release: July 10



“Stupid High” Single:


“Stupid High” is a song about highs and lows, love and lust, and an addiction to the chase. As his second single Jay Rydel confidently breaks into pop with this summer jam, drastically changing it up from his debut acoustic single “Faith”. 


The inspiration came from a moment in the Los Angeles airport as Jay Rydel was traveling back to Denver from visiting a long distance relationship. He stopped at an airport bar and drank some wine to decompress and unpack the complex emotions he felt in this beautiful but confusing, open, long distance relationship. The next day Jay began playing the guitar riff and wrote the song beginning with “Sipping on wine,” “In this airport bar,” “Trying to forget last night,” “And where you are”.


“Stupid High” explores the exciting emotions during the initial stage of a relationship, specifically a long distance relationship. It’s that bubbly but confusing feeling of wondering if they could be the one. The song playfully paints the picture of a new sexual fling that is so good it’s mutually addictive. “Stupid High” lyrically depicts Jay Rydel’s character struggling with the confusing feelings of finding one’s way through a new long distance relationship that could potentially turn into something more serious. 


Rydel sings, “You are the best at getting me stupid high,” “Calling ya back to abuse this stupid high”. Neither Jay’s character nor his new found lover want to admit that they’re falling for each other, illustrating the complexity and confusion of new relationships.


The song began as a bedroom guitar vocal. In the summer of 2019 Jay Rydel linked up with Jared Atol (Kaitlyn Williams, Jamall Anthony, Yasi, Dava) and Nick Spreigl (Kaitlyn Williams, Jamall Anthony, The Wind and The Wave, Air Dubai). One of the first songs they worked on together on was “Stupid High”. Nick and Jared produced the song in collaboration with Jay to what it is now – a pop song driven by vocal hooks, drums, and bass (played by Denver bassist Jake Standbro). “Stupid High” was mixed by Jared Atol and mastered by Tom Capek at Colorado Sound Studios.



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Short Bio:


Jay Rydel is an American singer, songwriter, and producer born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His music is rooted in rock guitar and explores pop, r&b, and hip hop vocals. If John Mayer, Andre 3000, D’angelo, and Justin Bieber formed a supergroup it would sound like Jay Rydel. 


He’s made a living as a musician in Denver, Colorado for five years, and in 2020 he’s debuting original music as an independent artist. Jay spent the last five years writing, performing, and producing, but mostly learning that his success in music comes from throwing out all the backup plans. 


With many more singles lined up for 2020 one can expect to hear more from Jay Rydel soon. There are also co-releases on the horizon with Denver artists Nick Vann of Nobide, Slex Allen of OptycNerd, and Michael Mahan of Spectacle . He cannot wait to unveil his music in all its variety. 



Email music@jayrydel.com or call (404) 354-1671 for interviews and other promo material.



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